19 Funny YouTube Comments That Are Better Than The Video

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Youtube is the 3rd largest website in the world, but we all know that sometimes the best thing about YouTube is the comments. This post is about funny YouTube Comments and how they make videos even better. Just like any other great site that has a huge community, sometimes the content that is generated by the users is better than any other content hosted on the site, so again in this case, the funny YouTube comments that people leave on some videos are funnier than the video itself. Below are 18 examples of funny awesome youtube comments we found around the web. If you find it funny please share with your friends.

1. Now that’s a great example of a funny YouTube Comment

funny youtube comments 1

2. LOL – I’m singing it in my head

funny youtube comments 2

Funny YouTube Comments #3 He has the face for it

funny youtube comment 3

4. Instructions unclear, this is my life now

funny youtube comment 4

5. And more importantly, can i eat them?

funny youtube comment 5

6. Basically the same thing, getting spit on by a Cobra or an Orange

funny youtube comment 6

7. Why did you do that in the first place…WTF

funny youtube comment 7

8. Because showing up looking fab is way more important than the test

funny youtube comment 8

9. But my heart also tells me not to trust you

funny youtube comments 9

10. when you have a gift – you have a gift

funny youtube comments 10

11. The funniest YouTube Comment yet right?

funny youtube comments 11

12. You don’t want to make this little girl angry thats for sure

funny youtube comments 12

13. I wonder why? Is it because of the girl maybe?


14. Sentences that make no sense but make us laugh every time


15. LMAO – storing Jazz for the winter, love that comment


16. I like this version of Nicki Minaj better. You stay this way


17. Who knew exotic fruits can actually play musical instruments


18. Tan much? Don’t lie


19. Hey, everyone has their own type of exercise


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Source: Imgur


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