See 100 Years Of Zombie Evolution As The Living Dead Changed

The phenomenon of zombies has been part of the Pop culture for many years. Living dead, horrifying looking, dragging in a search for people to feed themselves have been scaring us from TV, comics, games for decades. During that period, they have been through various transformations, depending on the creativity of the people who created them and current trends, probably, like every other pop culture phenomenon.

For the first time in history, zombies appeared on the screen in 1932’s in “White Zombie” and last year you had a chance to see the most up-to-date version in “Dying Light”. Long period, for sure! Almost a century. And in the video below you can watch the whole transformation process during decades.

The video is made as part of an advertising effort for Dying Light, a zombie game by the Polish developer Techland.

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Zombie Evolution 1

Voodoo Zombie, “White Zombie”, 1932

Zombie Evolution 2

Zombie Evolution 3

Living Dead, Night of the Living Dead, 1968

Zombie Evolution 4

Viral Zombie, Resident Evil, 1996

Zombie Evolution 5

Rabid Zombie, 28 Days Later, 2002

Zombie Evolution 6

Zombie Evolution 7

Biter, The Walking Dead, 2010

Zombies Evolution 8

Z Zombie, World War Z, 2013

Zombies Evolution 9

Dying Light Volatile, Dying Light, 2015

Zombies Evolution 10

Zombie Evolution 11

Watch the full, original video below:

Source: Demilked