17 Vintage Photos From The Public Archives To Give You a Different Perspective

I’ve always liked the vintage photos. It seems to me that I can peek into the lives of people who lived dozens of years ago and just from a capture, I can build an entire novel in my mind. For example, there are 5 people wearing hats and suits and playing cards somewhere on a public place. I can stare at that picture for hours, examining every detail and trying to place it somewhere in our history. These 17 vintage photos taken from the public archives are meant to convince you, also, that you can discover a thousand things in a picture if you look close enough. You can learn about places, people, their activities, their clothes, even their well-being from these vintage photos.

Some of them portray normal people, some of them captured important moments in the history of man, personalities and events. We say these 17 photos will provide a good journey down the history lane for a history and antiques enthusiasts. Are you excited?

1. 191…something. Farmer and dog on a farm in Port Alberni

vintage photos from the public archives

2. April 25, 1923. Haskins & Elliot Bicycles exterior

You could get: equipment and supplies, maintenance and repair and parts.


3. Lt Col Robert Chew’s office in the headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Bergen

vintage photos from the public archives

4. May 25, 1965. Saturn SA-8 Mission Launches Pegasus 2

This is when they delivered three satellites  into low-Earth, meant for studying the frequency of micrometeorite impacts on spacecraft.


5. Postcard: Billy Barker Inn, Quesnel, BC, 1962


6. August 6, 1973. Alan Bean – Skylab Spacewalk

This is a really genius picture. You can see Astronaut Alan L. Bean, the commander of the second Skylab crew, take place in the last extravehicular activity of that mission. The picture was taken by astronaut Owen K. Garriott and you can see his reflection in Bean’s helmet. You can also see the Earth there. How cool is that?


7. 1948. Jacksonville. Corner store owned by the Phoenix Loan Corporation

vintage photos from the public archives

8. June 1967. Children peacefully sharing a banana split at Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour in Dania

vintage photos from the public archives

9. April 21, 1972. Orion on the Moon

A day in the life of Astronaut John W. Young, commander of the Apollo 16 lunar landing mission


10. October 22 1992. Astronaut Mae Jemison working in Spacelab-J module

vintage photos from the public archives

11. Men playing cards in Centenial Place, Brisbane

vintage photos from the public archives

12. July 4, 1983. Watermelon eating contest

vintage photos from the public archives

13. 1942. Three men ski jumping in the Snowy Mountains Region of New South Wales

vintage photos from the public archives

14. Billy Day at 9 years old, on a flying jump turn


15. 19 December 1919. Lord French Ambush

IRA tried to assassinate the British Lord Lieutenant Lord French. Here is a sergeant pointing to the bullet hole.


16. Mountain Park, Alberta. Just a usual Sunday baseball game

vintage photos from the public archives

17. Joey, 1942. An American soldier with his little pet


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