17 Standing Dog Pictures That Are Really Awkward. #5 Is Just Hilarious

standing dog feat (1)

No dog, you are a dog. You’re supposed to stand on four legs, not two. What are you doing, dog?! Dogs are always trying to be like us. Standing on two legs, getting the mail and standing in line for frozen yogurt. What do they think they’re doing?

I’ll tell you what I think is going on. Dogs are trying to learn our behaviors so that one day they can overtake us and become us. Dogs are trying to take over the world, people. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but it’s happening.

The world will not end in zombie virus outbreaks or nuclear war. The world will end with dogs storming our houses on two legs, holding guns. The same guns we thought the government was going to take away from us.

Just look at these pictures of dogs standing and being weird. You’ll see what I mean and you too will start preparing for the end of the human race. Let us know what you think of our impending doom in the comments section.

1: Did you ever saw a standing dog answering the door?

standing dog (1)


2: The look on his face is so awkward

standing dog 2 (1)

3: ” I love my bath time, it is my favorite time in the day “

standing dog 3 (1)

4: Little boxer bouncer, i would not pick a fight with this standing dog

standing dog 4 (1)

5: Is he trying to dance? So it’s dancing dogs now.

standing pets 5 (1)


6: I designed it myself, i just pointed on the things i want and the humans gave it to me

standing pets 6 (1)

7: The water is fantastic!

standing pets 7 (1)

8: Feed me! Feed me now! Oh you want a piece of this?!

standing pets 8 (1)

9: Watching myself on YouTube, so many views

standing pets 9 (1)


10: ” I don’t know why this leash is necessary, i can stand on my own “

standing pets 10 (1)

11: Standing dog in the pool looks like a T-Rex

standing pets 11 (1)

12: ” You need to flip this one it’s done “

standing pets 12 (1)

13: ” Look at me! I can stand on my own “

standing pets 13 (1)


14: Girl is amazed her dog can do human things

standing pets 14 (1)

15: A dog? No this is a friendly yeti

standing dog 15 (1)

16: All your future arguments are invalid too

standing dog 16 (1)

17: How did he even get up there?

standing dog 17 (1)

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