45 Cool Winter Hats To Keep You Warm This Winter


It’s winter time and it means it’s time for warm cool winter hats and clothes! And what is warmer than knitted and crocheted hats and hoods especially if you made it by yourself and gave to someone as a gift.

Knitting and crocheting are not reserved for grandmothers anymore, you will be sure of that once you scroll down this gallery. Awesome winter hats that keep you warm but also make you look cool, are something you must try to craft by yourself this winter. Check out the gallery for some ideas, but if you haven’t enough patience to master the advanced level of the skill most of them can be found online for purchase as well. Can make wonderful Christmas gifts, don’t you think!

1. Fox Cowl, I bet kids love this cool winter hat!

cool winter hats (1)



2. Viking Helmet, for bigger kids. One of my favorite winter hats on this list

cool winter hats 2 (1)


3. Cthulhu Ski Hat, the coolest dude at the slope.

cool winter hats 3 (1)


4. Brain Cap, for smart ones or who ever feels that way

cool winter clothes 4 (1)


5. Totoro Hat, so sweet… i love it!

cool winter clothes 5 (1)



6. The Beholder Hat

cool winter clothes 6 (1)


7. Crocheted Knight’s Helmet Cap

cool winter clothes 7 (1) cool winter hats 8 (1)


8. Yoda Hat, the kid is obviously a great fan

cool winter clothes 9 (1)


9. Baby Aviator Hat, for little pilots. This baby is gorgeous

cool winter clothes 10 (1)



10. Cthulhu Ski Mask, S

cool winter clothes 11 (1)


11. Owl And Wolf, I want one owl hat!

cool winter clothes 12 (1)


12. Bender Hat – i want this cool winter hat so bad

cool winter clothes 13 (1)


13. Christmas Tree Hat, for the holidays

cool winter clothes 14 (1)



14. Optimus Prime Crochet Hat, looking awesome

cool winter accessories 15 (1)


15. Gimli’s Dwarven Helm. This is really detailed

cool winter accessories 16 (1)


16. Beard Hat, keeps your head and face warm.

cool winter accessories 17 (1) cool winter accessories 18 (1)


17. Mummy Hat. Not sure if this is exactly fitting in the cool winter hats category, but it’s cool

cool winter accessories 19 (1)


18. Mad Scientist Hat

cool winter accessories 20 (1)



19. Medieval Hood, great looking. This is really nice

cool winter accesories 21 (1)


20. Viking Helmet, with a beard as well

cool winter accessories 22 (1)


21. Death Mask, wanna freak out your neighbours?

cool winter accessories 23 (1)


22. Crochet Peacock Hat

cool winter accessories 24 (1)

cool winter hats 25 (1)

23. Deer Hat OMG this is the cutest thing i ever saw

cool winter hats 26 (1)

24: An adorable cat hat

cool winter hats 27 (1)

25: A cool winter hat designed like the Bane mask

cool winter hats 28 (1)

26: A knitted gas mask

cool winter hats 29 (1)

27: Elsa the ice queen mask you need in your life

cool winter hats 30 (1)

28: Wanna get a cool Hannibal LEcter face warmer?

cool winter hats 31 (1)

29: A winter hat with a hole for your hair

cool winter hats 32 (1)

30: Shark hat, really? YES

cool winter hats 33 (1)

31: Iron man and Captain America onesies

cool winter hats 34 (1)

32: Santa Claus hat

cool crochet hats 35 (1)

33: Cool dwarf hat

cool crochet hats 36 (1)

34: A ski goggles hat

cool crochet hats 37 (1)

35: A panda fleece hat

cool crochet hats 38 (1)

36: Ewook hoodie

cool crochet hats 39 (1)

37: Remember the alien from the movie? How cool is that?

cool crochet hats 40 (1)

38: Awesome dragon hat

cool crochet hats 41 (1)

39: Cool foxy beanie

cool crochet hats 42 (1)

40: Girlfriend made a cool hat for her boyfriend

cool crochet hats 43 (1)

41: A barbarian viking beanie

cool crochet hats 44 (1)

42: Batman crochet hat

cool crochet hats 46 (1)

43: Teenage mutant ninja turtles hat

cool winter hats 47 (1)

44: Another Bane mask

cool winter hats 48 (1)

45: Draco Clava hat

cool winter hats 49 (1)

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