This is America So Call Me Maybe Mashup is The Best Thing on YouTube Right Now

this is america so call me maybe feat good (1)

By now you probably heard or seen the song by talented artist Donald Glover called ” This is America “. It was first released on SNL under the artist musical persona Childish Gambino and it is a four minute one take video showing American life as the artist ( and many other people over the world ) see America right now.

Race, gun violence are the main things this powerful video tries to raise awareness to among others and Donald is pure magic performing on it. Gun violence and race issues in America have become an every day thing now that just blends in with the rest of the entertainment news and people react to it like they just heard another celebrity couple broke off ( we exaggerate obviously ) but we feel this is the main point Glover is trying to convey with his song and video.

But we’re not here to talk about that today, we want to show you today a mashup video published by YouTube user LOTI showing a the powerful video of This is America with the soundtrack audio of So Call Me Maybe. And the result? Well, you have to see it for yourself, but we feel comfortable saying it’s the best thing on YouTube right now:

Via: YouTube