15 Nasty Habits That Are Pretty Ordinary For Dog Owners


Dogs are so loved by their owners that they will do anything to make them happy and comfortable where they are. But sometimes there are just habits that are extremely questionable whether it is common or not to do some nasty things with your dogs. It’s way beyond normal, I must say!


dog owners are gross 1

1. Evaluating the taste of today’s dog menu.

Making sure that the pooch gonna like it. If it tastes good, then that settles it.

2. An exchange of mushy wet kisses.

dog owners are gross 2

dog owners are gross 3

Spiderman kisses, but never licks his own butt or other’s butt! Can you imagine that?dog owners are gross 4

3.Taking out dog’s eye mucus.

Yes it is totally fine! You can do it all day you want. dog owners are gross 5

4. Taking out dog’s poop by yourself.

Nobody else would like to do it for you. dog owners are gross 6

5. Letting your big pooch sleep on your mattress.

Then leaving bunch of furs to be cleaned up when you wake up. dog owners are gross 7

6.Texting your friends about your pooch’s disgusting behavior.

Don’t bother, I know it already! dog owners are gross 8

7. Brushing your bestie’s canine.

Leaving him clueless of what exactly you are doing to him. dog owners are gross 9

8. Drinking from the same cup.

Taking your friendship to another level? That’s grossly permissible .dog owners are gross 10

9. You’re a certified butt hairstyler.

Just consider it a compliment! dog owners are gross 11

10. Wiping away your pooch’s drooling saliva from his mouth.

With bare hands? Are you kidding me? dog owners are gross 12

11. Letting your pups lick your perhaps smelly feet( coz they’re drawn to it).

That one is nice! Oopps, which happens first? The kissing, or licking? dog owners are gross 13

12. Enjoys bathing together.

This is basically less time-consuming and promotes water conservation. Genius! dog owners are gross 14

13. No problem using the same hair brush.

It’s fine, I understand! Don’t ever borrow my own hair brush! dog owners are gross 15

14. Scrutinize their body for possible flea attacks.

Just make sure, he is clear! dog owners are gross 16

15. Allowing your pup to lick your dishes.

Maybe he is thirsty or hungry! Give him some food and water.

Source: barkpost