11 Broke Gourmet Food Plates To Make You Forget You Have No Money

Just because you’re broke, doesn’t mean you can’t eat nice, these fancy gourmet plates are actually made from everyday food you can find in any supermarket, mostly in the frozen aisle, Honestly, it’s mainly junk food spread nicely on a plate to make you feel you are eating at a fancy place. But you’re not, you’re broke. Bon Apetite

1: Chicken nuggets on a bed of microwaved mac n’ cheese

Broke Gourmet Food Plates 1

2: Ham and cheddar lunchable with dill and sriracha on styrofoam with olive oil drizzle

broke gourmet food 2

3: Jamaican beef patty with sriracha and cigarette

broke gourmet food 3

4: A bacon and ramen wrapped hot dog

broke gourmet food 4

5: An asiago bagel with mustard, cream cheese, chocolate syrup and a leaf

broke gourmet food 5

6: 7-11 corndog and chunky 3 bean chili

broke gourmet food 6

7: Canned refried bean stack avec taco bell fire reduction

broke gourmet food 7

8: Toast circles topped with american cheese, cold hot dogs and julienne pickles

broke gourmet food 8

9: Cold, leftover pizza stack. Served with green and a ranch drizzle

broke gourmet food 9

10: Chicken checkers, chicken nuggets served with ketchup and a pickle flower garnish

Broke Gourmet Food Plates 10

11: Le corndog royale

Broke Gourmet Food Plates 11

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