10 Facebook Reactions We All Secretly Want To Use But Can’t

So we all know and saw the new Facebook reactions by now, they are pretty cool, adding some color and feel to the Facebook UI. But besides the regular emoticons and the now new reactions don’t you feel you want more than just the love sign? Or maybe the laughing out loud emoji is just not enough to convey what you’re feeling right now? We need stronger and better reactions on the internet, some that will truly transfer what we are feeling, just from the top of my head, i feel a Kim Kardashian reaction will be a hit.

How about a fuc* U reaction to really stick it to someone you hate or just annoyed you online, reactions should be bold and out there and not mainstream. This is our opinion, so we created a list of new reactions buttons we think Facebook should add next.


We feel they left some important reactions out from the new update, so this post is to suggest some good additions we believe should be added to the Facebook reactions feature. If you like them. Give us some love and share:

1. Trump-it reaction

donald trump emoji

When someone says something to piss you off

2. Poop reaction


Because come’on Zuckerberg, this is basic. You need to poop on friends posts

3. FU reaction


It’s kinda like the like button, but when you want the poster to shut it

4. Lost Travolta reaction

ezgif.com-resize (19)

This should be used when someone posts something no one gets or something really stupid

5. Michael Cera reaction

poses for a portrait during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival at the Getty Images Portrait Studio at T-Mobile Village at the Lift on January 21, 2012 in Park City, Utah.

This could be used on various posts, but most preferably, to sneak up of a motha

6. Success baby reaction

success baby emoji

When someone posts a WIN status, or when you totally agree with someone

7. Overly attached girlfriend reaction


When that annoying couple posts the 100 photo of their baby – this is what you use

8. Kim Kardashian reaction

Mainly for girls to act slutty and show they know how to have a good time, Kim style

9. Kanye West reaction


Mainly for the guys, responding to the girls dumb ass Kim emojis from before

10. Mugatu so hot right now reaction


When something is trending, use this


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