10 Dog Saying I Love You Videos That Will Surely Melt Your Heart Today

dog saying i love you feat (1)

Dogs are cute and you know it. It is hard to resist their tail wagging and big, black wet eyes. It is even harder to look away when a Husky puppy is fixing you with his blue, puppy eyes. You melt and could give him almost every treat in the bag. But when your dog saying i love you, you can just die of how cute it can be.

How can a dog say i love you? How can dogs speak?!

Well, dogs can’t really speak like humans do, but they can make sounds, we all saw Husky breed dogs howl to the moon and make sounds that sometimes seem to be like talking. Dogs are smarter than you think, you can train them to do a lot of things you can’t even imagine right now, one of these things is to make sounds that sound like speaking, if you train your dog to howl and open and close his mouth at the right pace, it will sound like he’s talking. We say it’s close enough, don’t get too technical about it, just enjoy the ride.

These fluffy, furry, happy beings that we call a man’s best friend really are some kind of a shining sun on a gloomy, windy afternoon. It will brighten up your day and make you realize that life is beautiful and always worth living, and that happiness is just a matter of choice. Check this collection of dog saying i love you videos that will just melt your heart.

1. Husky dog talking “I love you!” . Yes, we too, sweetie


2.Talking Dog says “I love you” and we love him back

3. Talking bulldog says “I love you!” (Who said bulldogs are bad dogs?)

4.Talking dog says “I love you” and he knows what he’s saying

5. Dog says “I love you” and we know he does!


6. Paco, the Talking Chihuahua declares his love for his parents

7. Husky puppy talking saying “I love you” and we can’t help, but wish she was our dog

8. Talking Dog says I love you and his voice and face make us go “Awww”

9. Mishka, the Husky says “I love you, Mom!” and it melts our hearts


10. Lola, the pug says “I love you, mummy!” and she’s quite AF

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