Dear Internet, We Present To You The Sushi Bazooka

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Who doesn’t want to use a Bazooka just once? Have you ever imagined the sheer glory of firing a Bazooka and boom…everything you hate is destroyed and the good will prevail. Yes! This is how it actually works with the Sushi Bazooka Gun. One shot of Sushi and boom, pleasure and goodness prevails in the…plate.

Now to get down to a more serious matter: yes, there is a real Sushi Bazooka gun and it allows you to make bountiful amounts of sushi both quickly and easily. To use it, you just insert some rice into each side of the tube, press the plunger rod onto each side of the rice to create room for other ingredients you’d like to add; then you place your ingredients of choice on each side of the rice. Once all ingredients have been inserted, just close the container and start pumping out hot loaves of sushi rolls onto your seaweed sheets and slice to lengths of your liking. There you, the perfect sushi for you and your friends! They might even say you’ve hired a personal cook! More info: Amazon

If you were in a too big awe and couldn’t get it, yes, the Sushi Bazooka gun allows you to make perfect sushi rolls every time using your own custom choice of ingredients.

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The miracle “kitchen gun” is made from plastic, is dishwasher safe and measures 12 inches x 2.5 inches x 2.4 inches.

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It is the perfect friend of any sushi lover and amateur cook.

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You can save time, angry moments in the kitchen, spoiled sushi dishes, you can impress your friends or even open a restaurant of the Bazooka Sushi Gun. How about that?

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Anyways, on a more serious note, we say it is a very useful tool in the kitchen, especially for a sushi enthusiast.

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sushi bazooka

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