Covered Resin Bangles With Classic Art Is Your New Favorite Jewelry

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Are you a fan of Gustav Klimt and his famous painting The Kiss? If so, you are going to love this! And not only you Klimt’s fans but all of you who appreciate art will find these resin bangles extremely appealing, for sure.

Bulgaria-based jewellery shop PAGANE Uniques crafts colourful and bright bangles which feature famous artworks.

Gustav Klimt’s glittering The Kiss, Vincent van Gogh’s beaming Sunflowers, and Henri Matisse’s avant-garde Cut-Outs, are some of the paintings that these extraordinary bangles have for motives. They are coming in vivid colours and bring the special artistic sense of the artworks and authors mentioned.

These beautiful bracelets are hand made. The designers render each of the classic paintings on polyester, adorn them with sparkling silver foils or flecks of gold leaf, and cover the result in transparent resin. And as the beauty of artworks and the bangles themselves wasn’t enough, they paid tribute to the famous painters by printing on the inside of every bracelet a brief biography of the particular author.

Get these awesome accessories and a piece of art history on PAGANE Uniques  Etsy shop.

“Our colourful creations are made with love and joy, to make your day happy and make you feel special,” the artists proudly declare on their website.

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“Gustav Klimt 1862-1918…” short bio printed inside the bangle

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Beautiful bracelet resembling famous artwork

Resin jewelry 3 (1)

“Henri Matisse 1869-1954, French artist known for…”

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Add artistic sense to your look with these bangles

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And bring piece of art history along with you

Resin jewelry 6 (1)

Famous Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh on your sleeve

Resin jewelry 7 (1)

My favourite among these artistic bangles

Resin jewelry 8 (1)

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Resin jewelry 11 (1)

Resin jewelry 12 (1)

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