32 Cross Stitch Tattoo Examples Any Inked Fan Will Love

cross stitch tattoo feat (1)

Have you seen one of the latest trends in body art? Cross stitch is being used for ages on textile as one of the oldest embroidery techniques. However, recently some tattoo artist brought it into their world and in the gallery bellow you can see a collection of 32 very successful cross stitch tattoo works done with cross-stitch technique. Personally, I’m not a particular fan of tattoos in general, but I must admit that some of these look pretty cool and interesting. What do you say? Share with us your impressions on this new trend of cross-stitch tattoos.

1. Soft symmetric design of a blue flower on the shoulder.

cross stitch tattoo (1)

Photo: Mariette


2. This tea cup is done in cross-stitch technique. Mad Hatter is not.

cross stitch tattoo 2 (1)

Photo: Eva

3. Stormtrooper on the forearm is a great example of a cross stitch tattoo

cross tattoo 3 (1)

Photo: Eva

4. These raspberries look amazing … and delicious!

cross tattoo 4 (1)

Photo: Amber Kate Kelly

5. Flowers look great in soft-stitch.

cross tattoo 5 (1)

Photo: Eva


6. My favourite, a VW bug on the forearm (check out the licence plate)

cross tattoo 6 (1)

Photo: Eva

7. Minimalistic cross stitch tattoo of an owl.

cross tattoo 7 (1)

Photo: Mariette

8. This bear looks great, well done, indeed.

cross tattoo 8 (1)

Photo: Eva

9. Flower bracelet, perfect for this technique.

cross tattoo 9 (1)

Photo: Eva


10. Minimalistic tattoo of a fox looks cute.

cross stitch tattoo 10 (1)

Photo: Mariette

11. Watercolor anvil tattoo on above ankle.

cross stitch tattoo 11 (1)

Photo: Eva

12. Everyone loves pandas!

cross stitch tattoo 12 (1)

Photo: Eva

13. Heart on the shoulder… a human heart literally.

cross stitch tattoo 13 (1)


14. Retro television set. Screen part is done in cross-stitch technique, the rest isn’t.

cross stitch tattoo 14 (1)

Photo: Eva

15. Perched songbird on the branch.

cross stitch tattoo 15 (1)

Photo: Mariette

16. Wonderful stitching – this tricep pattern.

cross stitch tattoo 16 (1)

Photo: Dina

17. A dinosaur turned out really cool.

cross stitch tattoo 17 (1)

Photo: Eva

18. A simple flower showing the cool system of cross stitch tattoo

stitch tattoo 18 (1)


19. the Superman icon looks amazing

stitch tattoo 19 (1)

20. Fruit of the loom anyone?

stitch tattoo 20 (1)

21. A nice looking whale, an original tattoo design

stitch tattoo 21 (1)

22. A tiny Hulk looks so adorable

stitch tattoo 22 (1)

23. Great blue and pink dog on the back of the shoulder

stitch tattoo 23 (1)

24. Tiny heart tattoo

stitch tattoo 24 (1)

25. Is this the Firefox logo?

stitch tattoo 25 (1)

26. Beautiful rose tattoo made from stitching

stitch tattoo 26 (1)

27. Nice!

stitch tattoo 27 (1)

28. Couple share a nice tattoo together

stitch tattoo 28 (1)

29. This is a galaxy tattoo on the side of the body

stitch tattoo 29 (1)

30. Ewreka

stitch tattoo 30 (1)

31. Marilyn Monroe looking fine

cross stitch tattoo 31 (1)

32. Captain america tattoo – the shield

cross stitch tattoo 32 (1)

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