Portable Pizza Necklace Is The New Must Have Accessory For Real Men

This, many will agree, a little bit strange invention makes sure you will never run out of Pizza or at least you will have a piece for an emergency situation. Transparent package in a form of a necklace will allow you to bring Pizza everywhere you go and to show off your passion for this delicious Italian treat. I assume that people from Stupidiotic, the company that came up with the Pizza pouch, had clear vision of target audience for this product, but I can hardly think of anyone who would be thrilled to get this one for a present, except Garfield, of course.

If you are Garfield type or you know someone who is, check for more about the Pizza Necklace at stupidiotic.com | Facebook

portable pizza holder 1

portable pizza holder 2

portable pizza holder 3

Source: Boredpanda

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