Why Love Ryan Reynolds in 17 pictures

He warmed our hearts in Deadpool. He’s everyone’s famous next-door-anti-hero who would just do good because it’s boring doing bad. But, Ryan Reynolds proved that this might be more than a role for him. He might actually be a real-life Deadpool with a dangerous super-power: brilliant sarcasm, good jokes, biting irony and a sense of humour that can win over any woman’s heart and maybe more than that. If you need more reason than that to love him, we’ve prepared 17 pictures for you. These 17 pictures will convince you that he’s the perfect dad, a humorous husband, a cute fan of Hugh Jackman and everything nice.

He was definitely not meant to be a super-hero, but hey, shit happens and now he’s this super-duper-handsome man and actor and Deadpool and father. What more do you need? 17 reasons more? Here they are!

1. A courageous advice! You are a brave man, Ryan Reynolds!


2. Quote this!


3. Maybe Ryan Reynolds loves Wolverine more than anything in his life…


4. Bad boy, Deadpool! Bad boy!


5. Always caring for his fans


6. Only an asshole would recite Chekhov, right?


7. The hole in the A is Ryan Reynolds


8. When he and his wife are just trolling each other


9. The perfect parent is always true to his kid


10. His love for Hugh Jackman is just so sweet


11. Coping with anxiety is not something you should be ashamed of. Ryan knows that


12. When Ryan Reynolds is stuck in traffic


13. Ryan Reynolds surely knows how to treat his guests


14. Why love Ryan Reynolds summed up in one parenting piece of advice


15. Why love Ryan Reynolds? Because he understands it.


16. You can count on him giving spoilers


17. He’s a great fan of One Direction…Wait, whaat?


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