Why you should respect your elders in 7 pictures

Do you give your elders enough respect? Sometimes, you have no idea where they’ve been before, what they’ve done, what they’ve gone through. They are amongst us, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, great grandfathers, they have their own ideas that we think are old-fashioned, outdated, stupid. They are trying to give us advice on life, love, technology. We usually don’t listen to them, we don’t pay attention to them because we think they’re just talking nonsense.

We even laugh at them when they don’t know how to use a smartphone, how to connect a wireless speaker or how to use Netflix on their smartTV, but we actually forget they taught us how to use the toilet, how to eat, how to walk. They’ve done it all, they’ve been doctors, maybe firefighters, policemen. Maybe they saved lives, but they don’t boast about it. All they want is for their children to be safe and happy and lead a good life.

These are our elders, they love us and sometimes we forget about them, but here’s the proof that we shouldn’t. Their wisdom is more important than gold. This is why you should respect your elders in 7 pictures!

1. Been there, done that, respect!


2. The mirror says more than meets the eye


3.  From the present to the past: the same person, a different look


4. If your younger self would come back to ask you for advice


5. Dignity and posture, past and present. The future is yet unknown


6. Looking on the elusive beauty of youth with the patience and confidence of the old and wise


7. The same smile, a different age


Source: The General Consensus

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