Why Do Guys Have Longer Eyelashes? We’ve Got Answers

If you’ve asked yourself why do guys have longer eyelashes, you need to keep reading. Let’s face this question head on, the answer is NO. Men do not have longer eyelashes than women. If you only wanted to know the answer and don’t really care about the explanation, you can browse away right now. But if you want to learn something knew, keep going.

So why does it seems like guys have longer eyelashes than women?

Well, it really has nothing to do with being a guy or a girl. Humans have eyelashes to protect the eyes from dust and other small objects from flying straight into your eyes. Animals have these too and this feature is one of many evolution perks that just stood strong against time. When we evolved and became the species we are today, long eyelashes became more of a cosmetic feature than a survival thing. So people with long eyelashes are considered lucky.

So how come some people have longer eyelashes than others?

Good question! Now that we realised that men do not have longer eyelashes than women, we want to know why some people ( men and women ) have longer eyelashes. Well, the answer actually has to do with the size of your eye. YUP, your eyelashes are 1/3 as long as the width of your eye. And this is not only true in humans, dogs and horses share the same trait. Don’t belive us? Read this study from 2015 that proves this notion.

Why specifically a 1/3 you might ask? Well, the study concluded that this is the perfect length needed to protect our eyes and keep them moist. Without eyelashes, our eyes will become red, itchy and very dry. So again, longer eyelashes has nothing to do with being born a female or a male, the only thing that matter is the size of your eyes.

People with big eyes usually appear to be more young, more beautiful as captured by our society. It has to do with the oestrogen chromosome. When a human is being develop, when the oestrogen comes into play it makes us grow a little bit differently, and sometimes causes our eyes to become wider, and hence, wider eyes means longer eyelashes.

Other things that cause the eyelashes to look longer:

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  • hairy body, men tend to be hairy than women. So usually when a person has more hair on their body, they will have thicker eyelashes too, and it might seem like they are longer because of this. But in fact it may not be true at all.
  • Curly eyelashes. Some people have curly hair, and some people actually have curly eyelashes. So if your eyelash has a little curve to it, it might look shorter than a person who has straight eyelashes.
  • Using mascara, this is an obvious one, but people who use mascara tend to have longer eyelashes as they add length and depth to the eyelashes hair. On the flip side though, using mascara too often can actually cause the eyelashes to break and have the opposite effect of them looking shorter. So use with caution and don’t over do it.

People with longer eyelashes for the most part are considered sexier and better looking, this is explained by the fact the people who have more oestrogen and longer eyelashes appear to look younger and their eyes seem bigger. Both of which improve your overall appearance to other people.

Are you sold? Now learn some of the ways you can make your own lashes seem longer

  • There’s a eyelash serum that can make your lashes growth time longer, causing them to keep growing beyond their normal period and not break sooner. It will make sure you have a thick and lushes look around your eyes.
  • Eyelashes extensions. The most popular method to increase the length of your eyelashes is to use an extension. But be careful about over doing it. Do not use these for long period of times as they can actually hurt your eyelashes.
  • Mascara. Remember when we said that extensions are the most popular way to make your eyelashes look longer? Well, that was wrong. Mascara is the by far the most popular way to do that.
  • Makeup. Use an eyeliner to make your eyes pop. By doing so you not only make your entire eyes look bigger, you also make your eyelashes look longer.
  • Curling. Curling your eyelashes in a way that they appear to be longer can also work. But sometimes the curl can make them look shorter, it depends on the angle of the curl and if you know what you’re doing.

That’s it for this article about why do guys have longer eyelashes, and we understood that it’s not really true. To learn other cool stuff check out this article about why do blind people wear sunglasses


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