Electric Paint by Bare Conductive Let’s You Easily Paint Wires That Can Actually Transfer Electricity

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If you have a creative mind this is something that is going to open million of opportunities for you. Here we are going to tell you all about Electric Paint, and yes, the name implies it’s a paint which actually conducts electricity, literally.

Electric Paint, the ingenious paint, is invented by Bare Conductive, the London-based startup. What makes it so ingenious is the fact that you can paint on virtually any material, from wood and paper to fabric and glass thanks to it and it will work. Also, this paint dries very quickly, it takes only 10 to 15 minutes and it can even be used for quick repairs because it can solder together small electrical parts.

Electric paint only comes in black. However, the good news is that it works when covered with other materials. So, you can pop a layer of bright paint over and transform your circuit into any desirable color. You can buy a jar or a tube of Electric Paint and a Touch Board that will help you transform almost any material into a sensor.

What is the secret of Electric Paint and how does it conduct electricity? It’s a carbon – Electric paint contains carbon and thanks to it it can conduct electricity. One more good news is that this integrant makes the paint very inexpensive so everyone with the creative mind and a wish to use it can afford it. Learn more about the ingenious paint it the video below.

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Electric Paint by Bare Conductive allows you to paint on virtually any material, from wood and paper to fabric and glass and to use it for small electrical repairs.

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Connect any surface, object or space to the digital world using affordable ingenious paint. Watch the video

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