What to expect when you’re travelling in 26 pictures

Travelling is what some people live for. It opens new worlds and it’s a great way to live your life. It’s a really versatile experience. You go travelling if you want to relax, if you want to have fun, if you want to live new experiences, if you want to challenge yourself. There are so many ways of travelling! 

Also, travelling is fun and its product, the stories, are what makes a night out with friends sooo entertaining. For example, you are drinking with your friends and telling them how your uncle couldn’t fit in a Vietnamese shop or how your hotel room had a dungeon, a bomb shelter, a sauna and a golden mask, all included in the price. Imagine the laugh and jokes and the night is suddenly so much better.

If only for the stories you’ll have, travelling is worth it. Now, we thought we’d give you a reason to laugh a little today, in your office, when you’re taking a break from your really annoying boss  and opening this article. These 26 pictures depict perfectly what to expect when you’re travelling. Take it easy! 

1. A Dutchman in China…


© DefiantAttitude / Reddit  

2. A bedroom with a bomb shelter, a dungeon, sauna and also a golden mask


© Erratic_Professional / Reddit  

3. When you see a moose for the first time in your life


© Leth0723 / Reddit  

4. Items were confiscated from passengers at airports


© tsa / Instagram 

5. He flew 5,913 miles to enjoy the view


© Kid_Rebel1 / Reddit

6. When Google gives you an alternate route…


© Kmas90515 / Reddit  

7. When you arrive at your vacation destination and you see this greeting party…


© WhatTheEwok / Reddit  

8. “Thanks to this bus, I had Wi-Fi all the way to Seattle”

That is sweet. 


© 1iota / Reddit  

9. “I’m sorry, would you mind if I snore?”


© kuchka70 / Pikabu  

10. Visiting a store in Vietnam


© poord / Reddit  

11. When you’re so exciting to go whale-watching and everybody is just like


© iimpact / Reddit  

12. A bike path in Berlin. What do you say?


© RobertThorn2022 / Reddit  

13. When the Internet picture and reality don’t match. Enjoy the trip, anyways!


© artifexlife / Reddit  

14. Poor guys!

“My girlfriend and I are finally on vacation in Paris after years of talking about it. We even have a view of the Eiffel Tower”.


© DashFerLev / Reddit  

15. When mother makes new friends in London…


© byu/pBlast / Reddit  

16. Leg space, they said…extra leg space


© Doodface / Reddit  

17. Arriving in a new country and the first face you see…


© WoodJBlowMe / Reddit  

18. Banana wisdom

“This hotel writes inspirational quotes on their bananas and I’ve never felt so cared for by fruit in my life”


© nap enthusiast / Twitter  

19.  Epic New York picture


© LoneGunman360 / Imgur  

20. They eat carpet in India?


© somerandomtextbecuaseallusernamesaretaken / Imgur  

21. French people really love London


© ARC1981 / Reddit 

22. First Class people…


© lukezra / Reddit 

23. Google Maps, what are you doing?


© uspn / Reddit  

24. These twins, Illinois and Nebraska…


© Bathsaltzombie1169 / Reddit  

25. Perfect vacation

Wait, what were they doing with the car on the beach?!


© Gemini421 / Reddit  

26. Planning for the perfect vacation…


© 12lubushby / Reddit  



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