This Wedding Dress Made Out Of Divorce Papers Might Get You Thinking About Your Coming Wedding

We’ve got the wedding dress, something that all the girls in the world are taught to dream of. But we bet nobody teaches them to dream about the divorce dress. Is there such a thing? Well, apparently it is and a schoolgirl thought of it. It is designed like a wedding dress, only that it isn’t made of what wedding dresses usually are made of.

This “iconic” dress is made of annulment papers. The creator is Demi Barnes, a student at Lingfield Notre Dame School in Surrey, who posted her creation on Facebook for her friends to see. She is only 15 years old. Where did she get more than 1,500 genuine divorce papers for this work?

Demi made the dress with a reason: She wanted to send the message that too many people are getting married just to get divorce afterwards. You shouldn’t rush into marriage!

“When I put it up on Facebook, it was just to show my cousins in Italy what I’d been up to. Within a week, it had had over 40,000 hits and people were approaching me to design their wedding dresses”, says Demi about her work.

Moreover, major designers have asked for copies of the dress. It seems like the girl has hit the right spot with this unique wedding dress.

“Demi became charged, like electricity, when she had the idea for the dress. This was an incredibly ambitious piece and it took courage, patience and tenacity to see this through from concept to final piece”,

said Head of Art at Demi’s School. It seems, at first, Demi wanted to make the dress out of magazine papers, but then she decided she needed something more daring. So she put up a wire bodice frame and then put divorce papers on it.  Demi’s school headmaster has also spoken about this:

“I’m extremely proud of the work Demi and the entire Art Department have achieved this academic year. It is also a pleasure to see the power of social media working for a student in a positive and responsible way.”

Demi sitting next to her divorce papers wedding dress

wedding dress made out of divorce papers 1 (1)

At first she wanted to create a dress from magazine papers, but she decided she needed something more daring.

wedding dress made out of divorce papers 2 (1)

The post she shared on Facebook got well over 40,000 shares in a short time and many people from all over the world have seen this dress by now

wedding dress made out of divorce papers 3 (1)

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