This Is How To Make a Christmas Tree Out Of a Napkin

Christmas is around the corner and it’s around this time people get crazy about their decorations. In this how to make a Christmas tree out of a napkin article, we will show you how to create a simple yet very cool decoration that will get people talking without lighting up the entire neighbourhood and costing thousands of dollars.

With so many people searching for this simple way and cool Christmas napkin decoration. We decided to give more than just a video, but include images and a few step by step guides so people in a hurry can get this done in no time.

I personally really love this folded Christmas tree napkin decoration for its simplicity and elegance. Yeah, I’m a simple lady who likes simple and easy stuff so what, who said you have to spend too much money to show your love of the holidays, you can do the same with simple and creative ideas and I promise they will get more people talking compared to the usual heavy lights show everyone does every single year.

How To Make a Christmas Tree Out Of a Napkin

Here’s what you need to make this Christmas napkin:

  • A fabric napkin that is at least 45x45cm
  • Tiny bow ( you don’t really need this, but it’s a nice addition )
  • Pin ( again, not a must, but nice )

Below is a video explanation, but if you prefer step by step images, scroll below the video

Beautiful Christmas tree napkin tutorial video

Step 1 for the Christmas tree out of a napkin guide

christmas-tree-napkin-fold01 (1)

Just take your 45×45 napkin and pin and bow

Step 2 – Fold the napkin in half

christmas-tree-napkin-fold02 (1)

Step 3 – Now fold it again to make a square

christmas-tree-napkin-fold03 (1)

Step 4 – Now fold one side on the other to make a triangle

christmas-tree-napkin-fold04 (1)

Step 5 – Now keep folding these edges to make the shapes you see below

christmas-tree-napkin-fold05 (1)

Step 6 – Now take everything carefully and flip it over

christmas-tree-napkin-fold06 (1)

Step 7 – Hold the edges with your fingers

christmas-tree-napkin-fold07 (1)

Step 8 – Fold one edge towards the middle

christmas-tree-napkin-fold08 (1)

Step 9 – Do the same for the other side

christmas-tree-napkin-fold09 (1)

Step 10 – Now flip it over again

christmas-tree-napkin-fold10 (1)

Step 11 – Hold the first little triangle with your fingers like so

christmas-tree-napkin-fold11 (1)

Step 12 – Fold it up

christmas-tree-napkin-fold12 (1)

Step 13 – Keep doing so with all the little ones below

christmas-tree-napkin-fold13 (1)

Step 14 – Make sure it’s straight and nicely tucked

christmas-tree-napkin-fold14 (1)

Step 15 – Take some string and wrap it around a fork to make a nice bow

christmas-tree-napkin-fold15 (1)

Step 16 – Take the pin and connect the bow with the string to the napkin

christmas-tree-napkin-fold16 (1)

That’s it! Look at this cool napkin Christmas decoration

christmas-tree-napkin-fold17 (1)

All images from handimania


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