OMG The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Has Adopted a Teeny Tiny Puppy

The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Has Adopted Tiny Puppy 1

Definitely, there’s something about big guys and small dogs that make you go aww when you see them hanging together. A gentle side of someone with dimensions of a mountain is a hidden game which we admire when we finally spot it.

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That’s the case with the dude actually called The Mountain after a character he plays in the Games of Thrones series because it is easily pronounced than his real Icelandic name Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. Recently he’s got a new pet –  the tiny Pomeranian puppy which is about the size of his fist.

The Mountain uploaded pictures of two of them playing and training together on his Instagram account and you shouldn’t worry about the pup because this giant is taking  good care of him according to the photos. On the other hand, the pup is helping him in his cardio training for which he obviously needs an extra motivation.

In a matter of fact, Asterix (the name of the little Pomeranian) looks very happy with his owner who opened a separate account on Instagram just for him where you can see his everyday activities such as bragging with new toys. Check out the photos from both accounts below, they sure are adorable.




A photo posted by Asterix (@asterix_astrikur) on


A photo posted by Asterix (@asterix_astrikur) on

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