The Beyond Borders Bag Is Beautifully Designed With Function And Aesthetics

Different, stylish and functional are attributes that certainly make a bag wanted. Once you see the Beyond Borders bag in the gallery below, you will realize that they represent these three values with such a perfection that it will change the bag world as you know it.

The Beyond Borders bag series are stylish in an elegant and sophisticated way that it literally enriches your soul, just like a quality piece of furniture does. The bags are made of the finest leather… and wood, which is made them extremely different that we’ve ever seen before and it’s no wonder they make you think on finest pieces of furniture when you look at them. The collection of bags is named Scandinavia and I can’t stop admire the beautiful colors and textures dominating in their unique design.

The wood elements are made out of oak and walnut helping to create the structure of the bag. The rest of the bag is crafted from the finest leather, making perfect storage of unique look.

What you might be thinking about is – does the wood make this luggage heavier than common leather bags? The answer is – No! Each bag feels just as heavy as their all-leather colleagues. The Scandinavia collection allows you to choose between a large holdall bag for all your travel needs, a messenger backpack allowing you to carry it the way you want, and a midi backpack, for when your storage needs are low but your style needs are high. You can also choose between several color combination – brown, black, and pink (nude) leather as well as oak and walnut wood.

Take your time to check out each piece of unique The Beyond Borders bag designed by Thanos Pappas. If you fall in love with some of these, be ready to for the price of $580.00 at current discount.

Purchase The Beyond Borders bag here. 

The Beyond Borders bag line

Beyond Borders bag 1 (1)

The Scandinavia collection by designer Thanos Pappas

Beyond Borders bag 2 (1)

The bags are made of the finest leather… and wood.

Beyond Borders bag 3 (1)

Each bag feels just as heavy as their all-leather colleagues.

Beyond Borders products 4 (1)

Different, stylish and functional … The Beyond Borders bags.

Beyond Borders products 5 (1)


Beyond Borders products 6 (1)

Beyond Borders products 7 (1)

Beyond Borders products 8 (1)

Beyond Borders products 9 (1)


Beyond Borders products 10 (1)

Beyond Borders products 11 (1)

Beyond Borders bag 12 (1)

Beyond Borders bag 13 (1)


Beyond Borders bag 14 (1)

Beyond Borders bag 15 (1)

Beyond Borders bag 16 (1)


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