Something You Didn’t Know About The Titanic…

Most of you don’t know that back in 1912, the Hellmann’s mayonnaise was made in England…

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Now get this, the titanic actually had 12,000 jars of this popular mayonnaise on board to deliver it to Vera Cruz, Mexico, which we all know was the next stop on route after the ship left New York. This was supposed to be the biggest shipment of mayonnaise ever to Mexico at the time…

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But sadly, we all know what happened next…

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The Mexican people really loved that mayonnaise, this disaster hurt them greatly, in fact, it was such a horrible event that they decided to declare a national day of mourning which happens every year at the exact day that the shipment was supposed to arrive to it’s shores. This day is of course May 5th or more commonly known as Cinco De Mayo.

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