Scientists Was Able To Create Incredibly Realistic Lab Grown Skin


Lab Grown Skin 1

We have all heard of skin grafts and skin re-growth, but science has had a huge discovery. Takashi Tisuji of the RIKEN Center of Japan has announced an amazing breakthrough. They have successfully “grown” skin that is three layers deep, contains all the usual glands, and even has functioning hair follicles.

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This life changing breakthrough was announced in the publication ‘Science Advances’.  Although the ultimate dream of scientists is to recreate organs like kidneys and lungs, perfecting skin is a big step forward in the medical field and now, a closer reality.

lab grown skin

Its multiple layers, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands make it difficult, but not impossible. Although this bio engineering breakthrough has only been tested on mice, so far the results are phenomenal. This new technique gives hope to burn victims and those with serious skin diseases.

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