Melina Is a Backpack That Transforms Into Sleeping Tent With One Quick Action


backpack sleeping tent 1

In Urban spaces all over the world there are 10’s of thousands of people who are transient, and need a way to carry their belongings, as well a secure personal space. David Shatz’s new invention, Melina, answers both these needs in one handy tool.

The Melina quickly transforms from a backpack into a personal sized sleeping tent. Urban public space is normally used only for walking and movement. Shatz wants to help repurpose city sidewalks, walkways, and plazas by making it easy for people to stop and linger awhile.

He feels this is a more economical and practical use for the space. His backpack/sleeping bag would do just that. Now if you are in an urban area and find yourself in need of a place to rest, you need only find a spot to open your Melina.

He suggests that the Melina is not just for the homeless, but for the urban adventurer, modern nomads, survivalists, and anyone else that wants to see the world and take back the streets.

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backpack sleeping tent 4

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Source: designboom

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