When You See What This Santa Claus Is Doing , You’ll Be Smiling


For those of you who don’t know Adam Wardega, which is also known as SA Wardega. He is a polish filmmaker and YouTube star. If you look purely on subscriber numbers, he holds the most popular YouTube channel in Poland with 3.5 million subscribers and counting. Over the years his unique style and humor captured the attention of many users worldwide and this is what brings us to the video below.

temperatures in Poland can drop below zero often during the cold winter, so internet prankster Sylwester Adam Wardega decided to get dressed like Santa Claus and get into the holiday spirit and do some good. He set out in the cold to the street and gave homeless people warm clothes and food so they can better handle the cold winter days. Watch the video below and see the good guy in action

I love watching these kind of videos especially during the holiday season, it warms my heart and i’m sure it warms your heart too. Please share this post with your friends during this time of giving and kindness.



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