This Kid Wrote a Song For His Dad For Christmas And It Is Adorable


Every year around November people tend to get a little bit emotional, it’s that time of the year when you stop for a second and remember you have a family that you love very much. When everyone gets to gether either for Christmas meals or just because there is time off work, It’s always a special time. This time we want to show you a special gift a young man created for his father. Like many sons before him, he too remembered that he really loves his dad and he decided to write a touching or somewhat funny song for his dad.

Youtube user DannyTheHamilton made this great video for christmas to his dad , he wrote ” My Dad, who has been hard of hearing for about as long as I can remember, recently invested in hearing aids. So I wrote him a little song for Christmas to celebrate his newfound sense, affectionately entitled, “I Liked You Better Deaf.” When sons do something special for their dads it’s always a special occasion, if you want to get the feels train really fast, these type of videos will do the trick every time.

You can hear the dad saying at the end that this would be an internet classic , well dad , you were right. follow him on his Youtube channel for he is awesome.