Have a Break From Your Hectic Day With This Power Naps Bar



Who doesn’t love to sleep? Everybody would be a liar if they answer they hate to sleep or even take a nap. I have a really close friend who gets furious when she is deprived of enough hours of sleep, which is why nobody is able to talk to her.

Well, I must admit that everybody needs to have a break from tedious hours of work every day and it’s never a funny thing to be working stressed and too tired.

So count your lucky stars if you happen to be working in Dubai because there is a recently installed temporary Nap Bar for employees to curl up and sleep during lunch break.

power naps bar 2

This dream idea has originated from a France-based furniture studio, Smarin who are renowned for their nap spaces and innovated it into a new platform. This Nap Bar is designed and made suitable for nappers to acquire their best nap  ever.

Stuff like special nap pillows, access to essential oils and herbal teas, soft dune-shaped lounge chair and most especially the sound of lullabies made the place more conducive and relaxing. This atmosphere will cause you to gain your strength even with just a short nap.

power naps bar 3

What a perfect place to relax and be fully rested even in your most toxic days. You might be wishing to have this near your office. Check this out and give it a try before it’s too late!

More info: Smarin (h/t: Inhabitat)

power naps bar 4

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power naps bar 6

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