Photoshop Troll James Fridman Who Takes Photo Edit Requests Way Too Literally Has Done It Again

Remember the Photoshop Troll James Fridman we wrote about a while back? He is a photoshop master that takes everything way too literally and creates hilarious edited photos. Well, he’s doing it again and it’s very laughable!

For those who need a little reminder on who this Photoshop troll is, James is a master at editing photos and people often send him requests to edit their vacation photos in the hopes of making them better, what James is famous for is to take what they ask pretty literally and the result is always hilarious!

If you also have a picture that needs editing, why not send it other to James over Twitter and he will help you out for sure. Just make sure you understand that the result will probably be something funny and exactly what you asked for! More info: | Twitter

1. Photoshop troll was asked to clean the wall behind her…so he did

photoshop troll james fridman 2

2. Something scary…

photoshop troll james fridman 3

3. You are beautiful the way you are, i wouldn’t change a thing

photoshop troll james fridman 4

4. Wanted to look like badasses, got a spaghetti meal

photoshop master james fridman 5

5. It’s the natural to do, James did good here

photoshop master james fridman 6

6. Seems legit, your friends will believe that

photoshop master james fridman 7

7. I love this one!

photoshop master james fridman 8

8. Is that long enough? Not sure

photoshop master james fridman 9

9. She asked to look grate, Photoshop troll did it perfectly

photoshop master james fridman 10

10. You asked for it girl

photoshop master james fridman 11

11. Now it’s a party!

photoshop master james fridman 12

12. This is exactly what he asked James to do

photoshop master james fridman 13

13. Done

photoshop master james fridman 14

14. Awesome result!

photoshop master james fridman 15

15. This was needed. Picture is better now

photoshop genius james fridman 16

16. Is this better?

photoshop genius james fridman 17

17. She asked to be highlighted, this is what it literally means

photoshop genius james fridman 18

18. Let it go, let it go

photoshop genius james fridman 19

19. How’s that?

photoshop genius james fridman 20

20. LOL!

photoshop genius james fridman 21

21. Selfie sticks are the swords of 2017

photoshop genius james fridman 22

22. This is much better, thanks?

photoshop genius james fridman 23

23. Why the lady taking a piss though?

photoshop genius james fridman 24

24. Got you

photoshop genius james fridman 25

25. Creepy AF!

photoshop genius james fridman 26

26. Zac Efron would be proud

photoshop fail james fridman 27

27. Is this what you mean?

photoshop fail james fridman 28

28. Is this the EU? did i do good?

photoshop fail james fridman 29

29. You got it

photoshop fail james fridman 30

30. Now it looks good

photoshop fail james fridman 31

31. Attached to your body friend

photoshop fail james fridman 32

32. Is this good?

photoshop fail james fridman 33

33. I don’t see any man, said the photoshop troll James Fridman

photoshop fail james fridman 34

34. How about now?

photoshop fail james fridman 35

35. You’re welcome!

photoshop fail james fridman 36

36. Done

photoshop fail james fridman 37

37. Picture adjusted

photoshop fail james fridman 38

38. Fixed it

photoshop troll james fridman 39

39. They ran away from your feet headphotoshop troll james fridman 40

40. No, you are beautiful just as you are, don’t change anything – love it!

photoshop troll james fridman


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