Mom’s Epic Idea Of a Periodic Table Battleship Game Teaches Her Kids Chemistry


Periodic Table Battleship 1

Having a hard time teaching your kids on their least favorite subjects? You might be thinking you need a private tutor, because you can’t do anything about it anymore. Lo and behold this mom right here might just inspire you and make you reconsider.

A mother named Karyn Tripp suddenly came up with a very witty idea of how to effectively teach Chemistry to her kids while enjoying their favorite game at the same time. She called it a periodic table version of the Battleship game. Teaching Chemistry will never be this easy and fun for kids if not done this way.

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According to her, the idea she had, came from the family’s favorite game, Battleship. Since she is teaching the kids Chemistry, she decided to incorporate it with a game for them to learn, memorize, and enjoy at the same time. As a result, her kids love playing the game and her eldest son now enjoys his Chemistry subject with Einstenium as his favorite element.

Periodic Table Battleship 2

To prepare for a Periodic Table Battleship game, she printed out four copies of Periodic table and laminated it to make it re-usable. She vertically labeled the rows in alphabetical order and glued it in a filing folder. To play the game, the players will have to open it in a right angle position and paper-clipped back to back.

The rules of the game are very simple. For a detailed instruction,  Tripp explains it in her website.

If you think that Tripp’s witty idea will also fit your kids and you want to learn other game ideas while learning, you can find it in her website, Teach Beside Me.

Periodic Table Battleship 3
Source: Huffingtonpost