People Blown Over In The Street In a Storm – Awesome!

people blown in the street

This is a special video, when storms hit, they usually hit hard, and this video of a storm called Ivar, was really hard. You can see from the video that it nearly blew people off the street, don’t know why they would go out and walk around when they know there’s a storm in the air, but i guess it has something to do with Christmas shopping. When it’s time to shop, not even a huge storm would stop the people from hitting the malls.

This all happened in Norway in 2013 in a town called Aalesund.


The storm was so powerful that it left tens of thousands with no electricity

people blown in a storm 2

But all that didn’t stop people from going on their Christmas shopping because you know, Christmas and stuff, you gotta get these Star Wars Christmas sweaters before they ran out

people blown in a storm 3

The winds were so strong that many people actually just walked in place, they tried to move forward, but the wind pushed them back so they just walked in the same place LOL

people blown in a storm

Storms are not a funny thing, this video is entertaining because no one got hurt, but in reality, when a storm hits, it can get really dangerous, very fast. So please stay safe if there’s a storm warming, better yet just leave the area of the expected storm hit.


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