15 Star Wars Christmas Sweaters You Must Own Before The Holidays


Every now and than we like to recommend awesome products we find online. This time we decided to feature the best Star Wars Christmas Sweater we could find. Can you really make it through this post without getting one? Try and see for yourself. *please note that The Awesome Daily may get a small fee from the sales generated from the links on this page.

1. The first Star Wars Christmas Sweater is this Stormtrooper With Reindeer Antlers sweater.

star wars christmas sweaters 4 (1)

Are you brave enough to wear this? Get it here


2. Star Wars R2D2 Ugly Sweater Christmas Edition Crewneck Sweatshirt

star wars christmas sweaters 5 (1)

Because Star Wars is basically R2D2 right? Check the price for this item here

3. Another great Star Wars Sweater with stormtroopers on it

star wars christmas sweaters 6 (1)

If you’re a fan of the dark side, get this here

4. Classic Star Wars black and white sweater for those who want to try not to stand out

star wars christmas sweaters 7 (1)

Classic and cool. See the price here

5. Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Ugly Christmas Sweater

star wars christmas sweaters 8 (1)

For the younger fans – check it out here


6. I find your lack of cheer disturbing sweater

star wars christmas sweaters 9 (1)

For the ones who want to spread the cheer – buy here

7. Another cool R2D2 sweater for hardcore fans

star wars christmas sweaters 10 (1)

Can you resist? Check it out here

8. Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Elves sweater

star wars christmas sweaters 11 (1)

Nice design with the christmas hats – get it on Amazon

9. Snowmen Stormtroopers Holding candy

star wars christmas sweaters 12 (1)

I love this one! Get it here


10. Cardigan for adults with Stormtrooper design

star wars christmas sweaters 13 (1)

For the more serious fans – check on Amazon

11. Jedi dressed as yoda sweater – must you it buy

star wars christmas sweaters 14 (1)

The best Star Wars Christmas Sweater on this list. Check price here

12. Chewbacca Big Face sweater

star wars christmas sweaters 15 (1)

Cheeeeeewwwwwyyyy!! See price here

13. All red Star Wars Christmas Sweater you must own

star wars christmess sweaters (1)

I can’t resist, i must buy. Go here


14. Black and white big Stormtrooper face sweater

star wars christmess sweaters 2 (1)

The best one right? Get it here

15. The ugliest sweater on this list for sure

star wars christmess sweaters 3 (1)

But you feel you must get it right? Try here


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