Brilliant New Eco-Friendly Way To Cool Your Home Using Plastic Water Bottles

Inventor Ashis Paul has just developed an innovative solution to help residents in poverty-stricken areas, specifically in Bangladesh, keep cool during hot summer months.

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The world’s first-ever “zero-electricity” air conditioners, are smart powerless air conditioners that require absolutely no electricity! Paul’s company developed these Eco Coolers in just three months, with his top priority being the ability to help as many people as possible, with no concern of profit.

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How does it work? It’s fairly simple really. Try blowing on your hand with your mouth open and feel the air. Now try with your lips pursed and feel cooler air.

The Eco Coolers work the same way; the wide parts of the bottle face outwards, catching the passing wind. The wind then funnels and cools through the neck of the bottle and into the building.

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Thanks to the Grey Group, a multinational advertising firm, the how-to plans were placed online, free of charge:

  1. Cut a board to fit the desired window
  2. Cut bottleneck-sized holes in a grid pattern
  3. Cut off and discard the bottoms of empty plastic bottles (leaving funnel-shaped bottlenecks)
  4. Place bottleneck into hole
  5. Install in place of regular window

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Anyone can build their own version of the Eco Cooler system. Volunteers from Grameen Intel Social Buisness are even helping people build and install their units, as well as providing education to locals on how to construct them.

In doing so, they are helping thousands be a part of this new electricity-free air cooler invention. This simple invention has already been installed in 25,000 homes around the world.

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Source: trueactivist


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