Comedian and Daughter Share Best Father-Daughter Dance Ever!


Comedian Mike Hanley has a special weak spot for his daughter, Jessica, like most fathers do. The duo shared an unforgettable moment together at her Bar Mitzvah when it came time for the traditional daddy-daughter dance.

The moment was perfect- Jessica was in a beautiful dress with her hair done up while “My Girl” played in the background. However, what happened next surprised everyone. The song came to an abrupt stop and immediately switched to an upbeat tempo.

Jessica took a step back, urging her dad to keep dancing. Hanley played off a head nod with a “no” in response, but Jessica was persistent. It wasn’t before long that this dad was convinced to break out his inner most “Mambo No. 5” dance moves.

Song after song, the duo shocked the crowd with their choreographed dance moves. Friends and family offered laughs, claps, and whistles. It was truly a special moment between this daddy-daughter duo, one that they and their guests will always remember.

Check out their awesome dance below:

Source: hefty