Attention All Men, Say Goodbye To ‘Man Buns,’ Say Hello To ‘Man Braids’


Man buns have made its way to popularity way back in 2015 and everybody raised their eyebrows at this trend but immediately it became a phenomenal for men. The sad thing is that NOW, you have to get rid of everything that you did to get this man bun, and let go of the man bun jokes you cracked with your friends because it’s now irrelevant. This year, Apparently, man bun is out! And Man braid gets in the limelight! Well, by its term, man braid is simply defined as braided hair for men. It’s that simple and plain! Mind you, it is way more classy than glitter beard!

This will probably hit the highest trend mark this year, not because it looks good but because everybody wants to follow the newest and the latest hair fashion. With all the men out there who wait for this latest hair fashion to come out, impossible is nothing! What do you think?

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