These Zombie Mugs Just Made Your Regular Mug Look So Bad Right Now


Getting up in the morning is hard enough, who doesn’t know the struggle of folding yourself out of bed and basically not functioning until you have your morning coffee, now you can have this cup of coffee with more fun with these custom handmade Zombie mugs. You can thank  Kevin ” Turkey ” Merck for designing and creating these cool cups, it will only set you back 220 USD, considering these are handmade and very unique, it’s a steal! They are made from clay and epoxy resin, so there’s no unpleasant flavor side effects.

” My best friend’s dad, Wayne Hewell, is a 5th generation Master Potter and I began studying under hum starting in 2001. When I say studying, I mean that I went and hung out in his old shop and he taught me how to turn and work with clay, nothing formal. The area where I grew up is covered up in very skilled craftsmen that work with clay and I was fortunate enough to learn from multiple potters, each one offering help in specific areas such as glazing and firing. As far as doing it for a living, I am a highschool teacher and, right now I only work on my sculptures in the evenings and Saturdays

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zombie mugs 1

zombie mugs 2

zombie mugs 3

zombie mugs 4

zombie mugs 5

zombie mug 6

zombie mug 7

zombie mug 8

zombie mugs 9

zombie mugs 10

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