The Lotus Flower And Its Beautiful Story And Meaning

The lotus flower was created by Mother nature and it’s a remarkable beauty in the form of a flower. It blossoms beautifully from the dirty and muddy bottom of the pond staying untouched by the soiled surroundings. It’s no wonder it has been recognized in many cultures as a strong symbol of purity, spirituality, fortune etc. It has been particularly inspiring for various Asian religions, especially Buddhism and Hinduism, due to its rare quality of rising from the darkness and dirt toward sunlight.

In the gallery below you can enjoy watching photos of these remarkable lotus flowers along with the explanation of its symbolic meaning in various cultures and religions.

“Growing from the mud and blooming towards the sky,
a lotus flower symbolizes purity, spiritual awakening, revival, and fortune.”

lotus flower (1)

” The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest mud “- Buddhist Proverb

lotus flower 2 (1)

In Ancient Egyptian culture, Lotus flowers symbolizes resurrection and rebirth. The Egyptian Book of the Dead states that a person who has died can be transformed into a lotus with the help of magic spells and charms.

lotus bloom 3 (1)

In the Hindu tradition, dark and dirty waters where lotus blooms symbolize spiritually-enlightened person free from any desires, material and emotional. The lotus bud is compared to a folded heart or soul, which has the ability to blossom or awaken to divine truth.

lotus bloom 4 (1)

In the Buddhist tradition, the lotus flower symbolizes the journey of one’s soul from darkness towards the light of knowledge, wisdom in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Lotus flowers which rise above dirty and muddy waters represent the act of rising above all desires and attachments.

lotus bloom 5 (1)

There are several color variations when it comes to Lotos blossom…

lotus bloom 6 (1)

Pink, white, blue…

lotus bloom 7 (1)

…every one is beautiful in its uniqueness.

lotus bloom 8 (1)

If one is to observe the Egyptians’ hieroglyphics, for example, it is easy to see that the blue Lotus flower is the most commonly portrayed.

lotus flower 9 (1)

In Buddhism, the blue lotus flower is associated with a victory of the spirit over that of wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge.

lotus flower 10 (1)

Here’s a timelapse video of the beautiful lotus bloom:



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