Anti LEGO Slippers Will End 66 Years Of Horrible Pain


For 66 years, LEGO has been torturing innocent people between the walls of their lovely homes. Naive victims would just try to cross the room in order to get a cup of coffee or to open a window and – Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! – the pain, it’s hard to describe it to anyone who hasn’t felt it, suddenly becomes reality. But, fortunately, there is an end of this domestic violence at last! LEGO, in association with French advertising agency Brand Station, has come up with anti-LEGO slippers so now you are not helpless anymore when this horrible pieces of pain are spread around out of your sight and surprise you.

The addition of anti-LEGO slippers is limited to just 1500 pairs! Maybe you’ll be among the lucky few to get these because they’ll be sent randomly to people who will fill the Christmas wish list at the French LEGO web site.

Good luck!

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LEGOs are great and all, but the one thing that they do really really bad is…

lego slippers 1

Torture your feet when you always step on them – the pain! OH THE PAIN!

lego slippers 2

Lucky us that LEGO has invented the ANTI – LEGO slippers – we’re saved !


lego slippers 3

lego slippers 4

lego slippers 5

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