Kim Kardashian Gave Kris Jenner The Perfect Birthday Present

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Kardashians’ mum is adored by her kids and recently it was her sixty-first birthday. Kim Kardashian wanted to give her something unique and special for a surprise so she designed personalised Kimoji just for her beloved momma.

Many people agreed it’s an adorable gift when Kris Jenner shared the gift on social media saying how delighted she is:


“It’s so thoughtful! And as far we’re concerned, this is the best surprise ever!”

Kimoji 2


The Kimoji – Kris Jenner taking a cool selfie with “Queen of F*cking Everything” written out on the phone case!

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Kardashians always make a big thing out of the birthdays, and so was the case this time. On Kris’s Instagram, you can also see how other members of the family decorated the house for the boss-mom sixty-first birthday. 

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Kris Jenner – Kardashians’ momma – at her best

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“Thank you Rob and Angela…”

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Source: hellogiggles