22 Unique Aquariums Every Fish Lover will Love

If your life is full of stress or you suffer from anxiety and depression, there may be a simple solution for you. It doesn’t have to be medication or therapy. Although, I’m not a doctor so I can’t tell you how to deal with your problems. But I’m a strong believer in homeopathic remedies.

For example, these unique aquariums could serve as great stress relievers. Sometimes just sitting down watching a little goldfish swim, carefree, in its bowl or tank can take your worries right away. The truth is, watching something simple like a fish swimming has been proven to reduce stress, significantly. Focussing on something other than your worries can really help you relax.

Personally, when I’m having an anxiety attack I just sit and watch my cats play together. It takes my mind off of things every time.

The world we live in is full of distractions. Some good and some bad. We’re overstimulated most of the time so occasionally just sitting back and staring at some uncomplicated fish in its uncomplicated environment can help us relax.

On that note, take a look at these awesome unique aquarium designs. Let us know what you think in the comments section.


1: The Balancing fish bowl is the first item on the unique aquariums list

unique aquariums (1)

unique fish bowls 2 (1)

2: This is an awesome idea, one pot, two things living inside

cool aquariums 3 (1)

3: This unique aquarium is called the air aquarium

cool aquariums 4 (1)

cool aquariums 5 (1)

4: The iPond ( pun intended )

cool aquariums 6 (1)

5: Aquarium sink, who said you can’t have nice things.

cool aquariums 7 (1)

6: The Mason Jar fish tank and flower vase

cool aquariums 8 (1)

cool aquariums 9 (1)

7: The fishscape fish bowl

cool aquariums 10 (1)

8: The telephone both aquarium – this is a bit extreme

cool aquariums 11 (1)

cool aquariums 12 (1)

9: The fish tank coffee table, what a great idea

unique fishbowls 13 (1)

10: The pipeline fish tank, let your fish run free. This is a cool one on the unique fish bowls list

unique fishbowls 14 (1)

nice aquariums 15 (1)

creative aquariums 16 (1)

11: Aquarium office table to make you lose track of work

nice aquariums 17 (1)

12: The portable fishbowl, take your little friend everywhere

unique aquariums 18 (1)

nice aquariums 19 (1)

13: This can be a great vintage furniture item, shaped like an old TV

creative aquariums 20 (1)

14: Another furniture item, an aquarium shaped like a sofa

creative fish bowls 21 (1)

15: The classic design of a fish bowl

unique fish bowls 22 (1)

unique fish bowls 23 (1)

16: The Labyrinth aquarium is a very unique design

unique fish bowls 24 (1)

unique fish bowls 25 (1)

17: Hanging fish bowl like a retro light

creative aquariums 26 (1)

18: The Infinity fish bowl

creative aquariums 27 (1)

creative aquariums 28 (1)

19: The Jellyfish aquarium

creative aquariums 29 (1)

creative aquariums 30 (1)

20: Save water with the poor little fish aquarium

creative aquariums 31 (1)

creative aquariums 32 (1)

21: World map aquarium

creative aquariums 33 (1)

creative aquariums 34 (1)

unique aquariums 35 (1)

22: A bird cage and an aquarium together

unique fish bowls 36 (1)

unique fish bowls 37 (1)

unique fish bowls 38 (1)

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