These Hanging Chairs Will Fulfill Your Fantasy Of Being Inside A Monster’s Mouth

When we were youngsters, we love to watch fantasy movies about superheroes with Giant monster villains because we know that our heroes can defeat and kill these horrible creatures with their super powers. But have you ever imagined yourself being trapped inside a gigantic predator’s mouth with ferocious teeth seem hungry and ready to eat you alive? That’s nerve-freezing right?

Well enough of that! You don’t have to think about it seriously. Because in fact, you can still fulfill your phantasm with these beasts and be relaxed while you’re inside their mouth. With these newly introduced hanging chairs, you can easily get the feels being inside a monster’s mouth.

Porky Hefer, a South African Designer, introduces his new creative design units for his ‘Monster Deliciosa’ series.

indoor hanging chairs 1

These awesome creations are displayed at the Southern Guild’s designer’s solo show in Cape Town until the 5th of February 2016.

indoor hanging chairs 2

Hefer desires people to take their seat in these hanging chairs and realize the frailty and delicate side of nature.

indoor hanging chairs 3

In order to make these stunning pieces, Hefer ventured on the South African craft techniques such as stitching and weaving different fibers together.

indoor hanging chairs 4

Hefer worked with the local craftmens in making some pieces because of its complexity and detailed structure.

indoor hanging chairs 5

This one is quite different from any other hanging chairs but it feels like it offers more comfort than any other pieces.

indoor hanging chairs 6

For more details on Hefer’s work, check out more of his cool designs here.

Source: Distractify



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