IKEA Pet Furniture Line Has Pet Owners Very Excited, And We Can Understand Why

Functionality, great design, and affordable prices are something we all think about when someone mentions the brand IKEA. They never stop surprising us and never stop exploring leaving space and needs of their customers. Like when they turned kids drawings into real stuffed toys. It’s no wonder you always find exactly what you need in one of their stores. This time, pet owners are going to be especially delighted, because the Scandinavian furniture grand name paid a special attention to their needs.

IKEA recently introduced to the market a collection of furnitures specifically designed for pets. The new range of products is called Lurvig. You might ask yourself what Lurving means and there is a pretty straight answer to that question. It’s the Swedish word for “hairy” and it’s a pretty clear association to our little furry buddies.

The Lurving line is fulfilling your needs as a cat or a dog owner at first place,  you can find everything from dog beds and couch covers to cat tunnels and scratching posts. The collection is currently being rolled out in stores across the US, Canada, France, and Japan, with other stores scheduled to stock the Lurving from March 2018. More info: IKEA

IKEA surprised us with a special category of their customers, pet owners, with a new range of animal furniture designs.

IKEA pet furniture 1 (1)

IKEA recently introduced to the market collection of furniture specifically designed for cats and dogs.

IKEA pet furniture 2 (1)

The new range of products is called Lurvig.

IKEA pet furniture 3 (1)

And Lurving means hairy in Swedish. Very convenient, isn’t it?

IKEA pet furniture 4 (1)

Everything from dog beds and couch covers to cat tunnels and scratching posts is available in this range.

IKEA pet furniture 5 (1)

Scratching post. Btw, this cat has leopard spots!

IKEA pet furniture 6 (1)

Couch cover for your doggo.

IKEA pet furniture 7 (1)

Fun stuff from IKEA for your kitty.

IKEA pet furniture 8 (1)

The Lurving collection is currently available in IKEA stores in USA, Canada, France, and Japan.

IKEA pet furniture 9 (1)

In other countries, it’ll be rolled up in Spring 2018.

IKEA pet furniture 10 (1)

IKEA pet furniture 11 (1)

IKEA pet furniture 12 (1)

IKEA pet furniture 13 (1)

IKEA pet furniture 14 (1)

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