Hilarious Celebrity Mash Ups That Might Just Be Better Than The Original


You know what’s funny? Taking celebrity photos and mix and mesh them together to create hilarious combinations like Jeff Goldbean and Clinton Tarantino. Funny right? Check out the gallery below to see some of the most lol mix and mesh we could find, and please share with your friends. Bless you internet, you have been good to us

1: Michael L. Jackson

Hilarious Celebrity Mash Ups 1


2: Clinton Tarantino

celebrity facemash 2

3: Emma-nem

celebrity facemash 3

4: Luke SkyWalken

celebrity facemash 4

5: Elton Jong-un

celebrity facemash 5


6: TrumPaula Deen

celebrity facemash 6

7: Kim Jongden Smith

celebrity facemash 7

8: Dwayne’s World

celebrity facemash 8

9: Motley Cruz

celebrity facemash 9


10: Steve-O Jobs

celebrity facemash 10

11: The Most Interesting Han in the World

celebrity facemash 11

12: Jeff Goldbean

Hilarious Celebrity Mash Ups 12

13: Mariah Carrey

Hilarious Celebrity Mash Ups 13

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Source: Imgur