Get Payed $60,000 For Six Months To Live Your Best Life

Have you turned twenty-five yet? If that so, here is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Especially if you’re done with your studies and not sure what is the next step; if you like improving yourself and spending time outdoors, a six month paid adventure is something that is perfect for you and here we’ll tell you all the details about it right away.

There is a company which is willing to pay you $60.000 to “Live your best life” for six months. White Claw Hard Seltzer is searching for people who will be ambassadors of active, healthy and adventure-driving life-style. If you find yourself fitting into this description you can apply to become “Best Life” ambassador.

The company is looking for two ambassadors, one man and one woman, which will be tasked to leave their personal version of the best life for six months. Maybe it includes climbing Mount Everest, or learning diving at Hawai, taking yoga or paragliding lessons… whatever you find standing for your own best life version, you can do it for six months as Best Life ambassador and get paid for it.

The future Best Life ambassadors must be at least twenty-five years old and must be legal U.S. resident. You can apply by June 2, 2018, by submitting a photo of you living your best life here.

White Claw Hard Seltzer is searching ambassadors of active, healthy and adventure-driving life-style and is willing to pay $60.000 each for living their Best Life for six months.

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