Gay Couple Re-Created Their Pride Photo 24 Years Later And Things Got Emotional

True love is blind for ages, colors, genders… and the most important thing it doesn’t give a damn about the time. This gay couple from Florida made the Internet emotional and talk about this when they recently shared their recreated pride Photo 24 Years Later.

Nick Cardello, 54, and Kurt English, 52, met in 1992. They’ve been together ever since and that makes an exactly quarter of the century this year. Funny thing is people used to tell them back then all the time that their relationship is just a phase. Obviously, they were wrong. 

Cardello and English’s 25th anniversary was significant for many obvious reasons and the couple decided to celebrate it by attending recent the Equality March in Washington, DC. As the March was approaching they started to share more and more photos of them from the past and one of them was Cardello kissing English when they attended the March on Washington in 1993.

“[It] was a kind of second coming-out for us,” Cardello told BuzzFeed News.

Gay Couple Re-Created Their Pride Photo 24 Years Later 2

Cardello and English 24 years later.

Gay Couple Re-Created Their Pride Photo 24 Years Later 3

“Most of [the photos] have been kind of generic — a lot of people get kind of sensitive to seeing images of gay men kissing, so I’ve always resisted posting them on social media,” Cardello explained.

This year, however, he decided it was “important for people to see that image.”

“It’s who we are.”

Gay Couple Re-Created Their Pride Photo 24 Years Later 4

The couple decided to re-create that kissing photo — 24 years later in the exact same location on the National Mall.

When they shared the emotional photos of moments which are significant for their relationship, they couldn’t imagine the size of an avalanche of reactions they are going to cause.

At first, they found the comments amusing…

“But when we started reading the comments and were tuned into what it meant to people … that was really touching,”

“What’s interesting to see from the photos that have gone viral is the comments from the youth. They don’t see many photos of gay couples getting old together.”

“They’re tagging their significant others, saying ‘this could be us’. That was really cute,” he added.

“People need time to adjust. I needed time to feel comfortable posting those photos, and people needed time to see them.”

“I don’t take it personally. The key point is that people need to come out.”

“Being more public, it becomes not such a big deal. My concern is with LGBTQ suicide rates. If they can’t relate to people, they feel isolated. It’s important for these images to be out there.”

Gay Couple Re-Created Their Pride Photo 24 Years Later 5

English and Cardello are married and they live in Tampa, Florida.

Gay Couple Re-Created Their Pride Photo 24 Years Later

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