Fantastic Four Comics Come Back In Duo

In April 2015, Marvel decided to end the Fantastic Four comics at issue 645, that was the end of the Secret Wars crossover event. Two years later, it seems they’re up for a revival, or, shall we say, half of  a revival? It seems that only 2 of the 4 fantastic superheroes will make their way back in the publisher’s line-up. So, yes, in the near future, we are getting a new Fantastic Four comic, but it will be more of a Fantastic Two.

The news comes directly from Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso, who, posted a picture featuring Ben Grimm, aka Thing, with a classic Fantastic Four belt on his blue bottoms. Nothing unusual, so far, only that on the belt it read 2, not 4. So, yes, that implies that Marvel’s famous supergroup of 4 will be cut down to 2. Why so sure? Well, Axel Alonso’s post only comes with this description:

“It takes 2”.

That seems pretty obvious.

To get a little bit on the background story, Reed Richards and Sue Storm, along with their children, Valeria and Franklin took a journey into the Multivers to try and repair the destruction caused by the war. This happened at the end of Secret Wars and they have been there ever since. Ben Grimm joined up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, but recently returned to Earth. Johnny Storm joined up with the Inhumans, but we have a hunch that he’ll be back with his old buddy Ben very soon.

On the big screen, The Fantastic Four might happen again. Rumour has it that Fox is currently working on a new movie that would center on Reed and Sue’s kids, Valeria and Franklin. Whatever will happen, we are ready for it. Meanwhile, you can check out below the photo Axel posted on Twitter.


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