Fun Websites To Entertain You When You’re Bored

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Sometimes there are just those days when we’re so completely, utterly bored. Whether it’s because we’re waiting for a phone call and can’t leave the house, or simply want to kill some time because we can’t sleep, we often require just a quick bit of entertainment to stop us going out of our minds. There are definitely moments when we need a website to help us calm down but right now, we’re going to suggest some sites that are merely a bit of fun.

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We actually love that so many interesting websites are popping up all over the internet, as it means there’s no excuse for being bored anymore! And if you can’t find anything you like, well, maybe you should think about making your own if you like the idea of web design. Either way, the world wide web affords us a lot of opportunities to be entertained that don’t involve memes or fail videos. Here are some of our favorites right now.

Tell someone how you feel

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There are moments in life when we just don’t know what to say to someone using words. We could draw a picture, make music, or better yet, use sendamessage and hand signs. This is a fun website that allows you to send a friend, lover, or even an enemy about how you feel about them using popular hand signals. There’s ‘thumbs up,’ ‘peace,’ as well as things a little ruder. Pick a hand sign, write a name, and then copy the URL and message someone. It could make (or break) their day.


Bring out the artist in you

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As a kid, you probably spent a fair bit of time doodling stick people in your school books and diaries. As you’re older now, this is less likely to happen (your boss probably doesn’t want stick people on the reports), but you can still go down memory lane and revisit the excitement of taking your stick person on an epic journey. drawastickman gives you the chance to see your little creation become somewhat animated in a ‘choose your own adventure’ story. There are a few episodes to select and they’re all a bit of harmless fun, so see what your stick person can do!

Become a music maker

If painting isn’t your thing, then how about some cool beats? Incredibox is a super fun website that lets you create a song by using different beats, effects, melodies, and voice samples. After you’re done playing around with various sounds, you can even record it and see if you can crack the site’s top 50 music chart. If you’ve always had a talent for music but never known where to use it, then Incredibox could be exactly your thing.

Where in the world are you?

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Finally, it could be that cartography is your talent. Geoguessr is a fun and simple website that challenges you to guess where you are in the world based on just one street-view image from Google Maps. It can be narrowed down slightly if you want less of a challenge, as there are also games for guessing European stadiums and famous landmarks over the world. But you’d be surprised how much of a test it can be, as you’ll often be surprised that certain countries don’t look the way you thought.