Someone Attached a GoPro To Hot Wheels RC And Let It Loose On a 200 Feet Track


Who didn’t have hot wheels rc growing up? I know I did, but I would have never thought to put this much work into playing with them.

5madmoviemakers on YouTube built an insane track for his hot wheels racing car. It went through his yard, down the street and even into a pool and back out! He attached a GoPro to the car and let it roll.

Watching this video is mesmerizing. It might leave you feeling a little nostalgic for your younger years.

I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be behind the wheel of a toy car like hot wheels rc. Now we can all experience it without fear of crashing or in the case of this video, drowning.

Watch the video and get lost in the winding tracks. Transport yourself back in time to when things were simple. Back when all that mattered was playtime and nap time.

Comment and tell us what you think. Were you a hot wheels kid?