Meet Foldimate, The Robot That Folds Your Clothes In Just One Minute And Cost Only $850


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For me, one of the most boring thing to do on earth is to fold the laundry. But I find it unusual because I have a very good buddy who loves to fold all the laundry and I used to tell her jokingly that I will borrow her for a day just to do this one thing.

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But hey, there is a far better way to do it. Thanks to the Foldimate, because all your laundries will never be left unfold anymore and laundry folding will never be this fun.

With a tagline,  “Your Laundry Folding Friend” on the Foldimate website, this state of the art robot is more than willing to do the task that almost all of us hate to do. Not just that, but it can provide you more satisfaction because it does it a lot better than you. What’s more amazing is that it can fold your clothes in just less than a minute. That’s indeed a dose of awesome! Most importantly, you will never hear it complain over the laundry.

This robot is absolutely user-friendly. You just need to clip your clothes to the integrated rack and describe what kind of garment it is and the Foldimate will do its finest job. When this brilliant product becomes available in the market, its price will range from $700 to $ 850. But since this will only become available in 2018, don’t get too excited. Meanwhile just do the old traditional way of laundry folding.

More Info: FoldiMate

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